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Our Services & Prices

All pets must be up-to-date on vaccines unless they are cleared by a veterinarian for health reasons.

Initial Consult - Free

Key Pick-up/Drop off - $5 (Request of two copies, one to keep on hand and one to keep in office!! Pick up fee waived if provided at initial consult. Drop off fee waived if key kept on file)

Feed/Walk visit (each visit ranges from 20-30 minutes) - $20 for Albany County
$25 for other counties

Initial Consult - Free

Requested extended visit - $10 extra per 30 minutes

Nail Trim - $10

Ear Cleaning - $15

Butt Shave - $10

Lion Cut (cats only) - $35 for first hour, $15 for every extra half hour

Comb Out/Matt removal - $15

Soft Paw Application - $15 application fee, plus cost of soft paws if not provided by owner

Taxi to Vet/Groomer Visit - $15-$25 (based on distance to vet)

Overnight Fee - $55

Sub-Q Fluids - $10 (charge for fluid visit only, included in feeding visit at no charge)

$5 fee charged for day-of Holiday visit (New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, 4th Of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

***discounts on services given if multiple services done together***

Daily Photo, Video/Text Up-dates - Free

Services included per visit: Walking (dogs only), administering medications, litter box cleaning, feeding and water change, playtime, bringing in mail/newspaper, watering plants, bring out trash

 ***special requests for other services can be discussed at consult

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